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Hexagonal Structure Alumina Ceramics Sheet Wear Resistance Smooth Surface

Product Details

Place of Origin: Changsha, Hunan, China

Brand Name: Ibeno

Certification: ISO9001-2015

Model Number: Alumina Ceramics

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: Packed in wooden cases or iron racks

Delivery Time: 25-45 workdas

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 100,000 ㎡/ year

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Wear Resistance Alumina Ceramics


Smooth Alumina Ceramics


Wear Resistance Alumina Ceramic Sheet

Hexagonal Structure Alumina Ceramics Sheet Wear Resistance Smooth Surface

Product introduction

Al2O3 ceramics: high alumina content, relatively dense structure, with special properties, so it is called special ceramics. Al2O3. The ceramic material is a close-packed hexagonal structure composed of oxygen ions, and aluminum ions filled in two-thirds of the octahedral gap. This is the same stable α-Al2O3 structure as natural corundum, so ceramics have a high melting point high Hardness, and excellent wear resistance. The hardness of the ceramic patch is ≥HRA85, second only to the hardness of diamond, and the surface is smooth and the friction coefficient is small, and the wear resistance is very ideal, especially in the high-temperature oxidizing medium or corrosive medium, the ceramic patch material has better performance than other metal materials. Much superior.

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Product Features

1. High hardness: The Rockwell hardness of the alumina ceramic sheet is above HRA85, which is second only to diamond and exceeds the wear resistance of wear-resistant steel and stainless steel. To

2. Excellent wear resistance: its wear resistance is equivalent to 30 times that of manganese steel and 20 times that of high chromium cast iron.

3. Lightweight: its density is about 3.6g/cm³, which is only half that of steel, which can greatly reduce the equipment load. To

4. Corrosion resistance: good resistance to sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, strong alkalis, salt, etc.

5. Convenient construction: Alumina ceramic sheets are suitable for large-area construction

6. ZTA ceramic sheet: The service life can reach more than 5 times that of alumina wear-resistant ceramics. Zirconia wear-resistant liners have higher fracture toughness, high bending strength, and high wear resistance, and are used in high-end anti-wear fields.

7. Process: Using dry pressing and isostatic pressing, high temperature firing, Rockwell hardness HR85, wear resistance, and impact resistance, can effectively extend the service life of various equipment and wearing parts.


Product classification

Products can be divided into the following types: wear-resistant ceramic sheets, wear-resistant ceramic pipes, zirconium-aluminum composite plates, wear-resistant pipe linings, cyclone linings, two-in-one (three-in-one) ceramic vulcanized rubber plates, etc.


Product use

It is suitable for cyclone wear-resistant lining, pipeline, and elbow lining, ceramic vulcanized rubber liner three-in-one (two-in-one), chute wear-resistant lining, construction machinery concrete pump truck accessories, and other wear-resistant equipment.


Technical parameters

Alumina content: 92%~99%

Density: 3.5-3.8g/cm³

Rockwell hardness: HRA85-95

Compressive strength: ≥850 Mpa

Fracture toughness: KΙC ≥4.8MPa·m½

Flexural strength: ≥290MPa

Thermal conductivity: 20W/m.K

Coefficient of thermal expansion: 7.2×10-6m/m.K

Wear resistance: 0.02g/cm3


The scope of the application

Wear-resistant ceramic sheets are widely used in industrial production in coal, conveying systems, pulverizing systems, ash discharge, dust removal systems, etc. On the mechanical equipment, different types of products can be selected according to different working conditions.