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Latest Company Case About How to choose ceramic glue?
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How to choose ceramic glue?

 Latest company case about How to choose ceramic glue?

The main component of an alumina ceramic sheet is alumina. Because of its high hardness and outstanding wear resistance, it has become the main product in the anti-wear industry, but the wear-resistant ceramic sheet itself does not have the function of sticking and needs to be used with ceramic glue. How to choose the ceramic glue is also a very particular problem, because the ceramic glue is used as the adhesive when the ceramic sheet is installed. Only by choosing the correct ceramic glue can the strength of the ceramic sheet achieve the best effect. The commonly used ceramic adhesives are roughly divided into three kinds:


1. Normal temperature type; the use temperature is within 150 degrees, which has a good sticking effect, and is also a commonly used model and variety, but its temperature-resistant area can only be within 150 degrees, and the sticking performance will decrease when it exceeds 150 degrees. The rise will gradually lose the sticking ability.

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2. Medium temperature type; when the operating temperature is within 250 degrees, its bonding performance is the same as that of normal temperature glue, but its temperature resistance is as high as 250 degrees, and the top and side surfaces of the bonding equipment have a very good effect. Due to its high-temperature resistance, it is relatively It is relatively viscous, and it has a good effect on bonding large ceramic plates. There will be no problems such as falling off or flowing the ceramic plate before it is cured after pasting.


3. High-temperature type; Temperature-resistant ceramic glue is developed and produced for the use part of 350 degrees, and has a good effect on the high-temperature part, but the overall price will rise due to the high cost.