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Latest Company Case About How to solve the problem of ash leakage in the ash pipeline?
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How to solve the problem of ash leakage in the ash pipeline?

 Latest company case about How to solve the problem of ash leakage in the ash pipeline?

Pneumatic ash conveying pipelines in thermal power plants are seriously worn, resulting in fly ash everywhere, which not only affects production but also causes great pollution to the environment. In the past, we generally used this to reduce the air pressure during soot blowing. This reduces wear and saves energy. Although this method can prolong the life of the ash conveying pipeline a little, it cannot fundamentally solve the wear and tear problem.


Pneumatic ash removal pipelines are seriously worn. Generally, there is a problem with the material selected for the pipeline. Wear-resistant materials are required. It is recommended to use wear-resistant ceramic elbows. The wear-resistant ceramic elbow is manufactured with high-tech production technology. The wear-resistant ceramic elbow comprises three layers of corundum ceramic, a transition layer, and steel from the inside to the outside. The ceramic layer is formed at a high temperature above 2200 ℃. , form a firm bond with the steel pipe through the transition layer.


The wear-resistant ceramic elbow produced by our company has a lifespan of dozens of times that of ordinary elbows. It has good wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical and thermal shock resistance, and good weldability. It is an ideal wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipeline such as material, grinding and corrosive media, which is not easy to age and fall off.


Due to the wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and heat-resistant properties of wear-resistant ceramic elbows, they can be widely used in electric power, metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical, and other industries to transport sand, stone, pulverized coal, ash, aluminum liquid, etc. It is an ideal anti-corrosion elbow.