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Latest Company Case About How to solve the problem of lithium battery pipe wear?
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How to solve the problem of lithium battery pipe wear?

 Latest company case about How to solve the problem of lithium battery pipe wear?

With the rapid development of China's new energy and the strengthening of awareness of environmental protection, environmentally friendly and clean new energy has been favored by people, and the lithium battery industry will usher in a blowout development. The positive and negative materials of lithium battery need to use pneumatic conveying pipes to convey material powder in the production process, and the wear of conveying pipes has become a prominent problem, If the wear problem is not solved effectively and timely, the production of lithium battery enterprises will be affected due to equipment failure, which will seriously affect the production efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises.


Traditional pneumatic conveying pipelines generally use 304 stainless steel and lined with glass. However, because the glass is not wear-resistant, it is easy to wear under the continuous erosion of the lithium battery raw material powder, especially the elbow, because the airflow changes the flow direction on the side of the bend. The outer side of the head wears very badly.

Aiming at the wear conditions of lithium battery raw material transportation pipelines, our company recommends the use of 95 wear-resistant ceramic pipes. This wear-resistant ceramic pipe is a wear-resistant ceramic composite steel pipe composed of three layers of steel, viscose and ceramic, and the steel is made of 304 stainless steel. The tube and ceramic are bonded to the inner wall of the steel part with high-strength viscose, and cured by heating to form a firm anti-wear layer. This product is suitable for pneumatic conveying of powder, and it will not age or fall off for a long time in an environment below 150°C. Its life span is more than 4-5 times that of glass pipes.


The pneumatic conveying pipeline produced by the company is specially designed for the powder and slurry conveying system which is particularly severely worn. The outer shell is 304 stainless steel, and the inner lining is alumina ceramics with ultra-high hardness and excellent wear resistance, combined with ceramic wear resistance , Corrosion resistance and the advantages of high strength and toughness of stainless steel, integrated design, light weight and easy installation. It is an excellent choice for the transportation of positive and negative materials in the lithium battery industry. It not only exerts the high temperature wear and corrosion resistance of ceramics, but also exerts With the characteristics of high strength and high toughness of metal materials, integrated design, easy to replace and install.