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Latest Company Case About In which industries are bimetallic wear-resistant pipes applied?
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In which industries are bimetallic wear-resistant pipes applied?

 Latest company case about In which industries are bimetallic wear-resistant pipes applied?

Through the promotion and application of bimetallic wear-resistant pipes in recent years, it has been vigorously applied in electric power, metallurgy, mining, coal, cement, and other industries. Its safety, reliability, impact resistance, and wear resistance are superior to those of other materials. Pipelines are incomparable, especially in the working conditions of large particles, high speed, and long-distance transportation, which show its superiority. Its market application is growing rapidly, and it is a good product worthy of promotion and application.

Bimetal wear-resistant pipe, the outer layer is carbon steel pipe, the inner wall is lined with KMTBCr28 high-chromium cast iron wear-resistant layer, and it is formed by negative pressure casting of lost foam, which has high wear-resistant characteristics and is currently the mainstream industrial wear-resistant type. This product has The following features:

Abrasion-resistant pipe

High pressure

The outer wall of this product is made of seamless steel pipe, which is the key technology for high pressure. The material and wall thickness of the outer wall pipe determines the strength of the composite pipe. According to the operating pressure of the pipeline, the appropriate outer wall pipe material can be selected. The inner lining is only made of high-chromium-nickel alloy. It is responsible for resisting abrasive wear without bearing high pressure, so this product is suitable for pipelines with high pressure, high concentration, and long-distance transportation. Compared with rare earth wear-resistant steel series and steel-ceramic composite pipelines, it can ensure safe operation.


Good wear resistance

The high-chromium-nickel composite metal lining the pipeline is a material with extremely high wear resistance, with a hardness of HRC50-60; the special compound modifier is used to refine the grains, which greatly improves the toughness and tensile strength of the product. The shell protection of the seamless steel pipe provides a reliable guarantee for the excellent performance of the high-chromium-nickel alloy material. Compared with rare earth wear-resistant steel pipe (HRC35-45), it has high wear resistance, large pressure bearing, and good weldability. Compared with steel-ceramic composite pipe, it has equivalent wear resistance, but the combination of double-layer metal is much stronger and Better than steel-ceramic combination, high safety. The elbow is made eccentrically, and its wear resistance is much higher than that of steel-ceramic composite pipe. Therefore, the comprehensive performance of the steel-high chromium-nickel composite pipe launched by our company is better.


Easy to install

The outer wall adopts seamless steel pipe series specifications, which significantly facilitates the design and installation of pipe fittings, and at the same time has good welding performance, can be welded, flanged, etc. The weldability of the rare earth wear-resistant steel pipe and the cutting property of steel-ceramic are solved, and the construction progress is accelerated.


High-temperature resistance

The high-chromium-nickel alloy lining can be applied without deformation and oxidation under 600 degrees Celsius and maintains high wear resistance. It has opened up a new field of high-temperature, wear, oxidation, and corrosion resistance and expanded the product range. scope of application.

Five, good corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of high chromium-nickel alloy to less than 5% sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and caustic soda is more than 99%. The economic benefit of the high-chromium-nickel wear-resistant composite pipe is even more significant when it is applied under the conditions of transporting the above-mentioned corrosive medium.


Good appearance, anti-fouling

The outer wall of this product is made of seamless steel pipe, which greatly improves the appearance quality of the product. After installation, the engineering level can be improved. The inner wall of vacuum and centrifugal casting is smooth, which greatly improves the anti-fouling ability of the pipeline. In the case of partial blockage of the pipeline, it can be knocked, cut, and replaced at will, which is very convenient to use.