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Latest Company Case About What is a special ceramic wear-resistant pipe
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What is a special ceramic wear-resistant pipe

 Latest company case about What is a special ceramic wear-resistant pipe

Special ceramic wear-resistant pipe is a kind of wear-resistant pipe lined with special ceramics as a wear-resistant material. Special ceramics are different from ordinary ceramics. They have special mechanical, physical and chemical properties. The process and raw materials used are the same as those of ordinary ceramics. Compared with ceramics, there has been a very different development. The more commonly used special ceramic wear-resistant pipes are high-strength, high wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant oxide ceramics and carbide ceramics.


There are various molding methods for special ceramics such as hot die casting, hot pressing, static pressure and vapor deposition. These ceramics are called special ceramics or high-tech ceramics because of their chemical composition, microstructure and performance different from ordinary ceramics. For fine ceramics.


Special ceramic wear-resistant pipes have different processes and materials, and have the performance characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance. The wear resistance is 10-20 times that of ordinary wear-resistant steel pipes. It is a kind of long service life. For grinding pipes, different types of special ceramics can be selected according to different working conditions and environments. It is currently one of the most widely used wear-resistant pipes in the anti-wear market.