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Latest Company Case About What is dovetail alumina tile?
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What is dovetail alumina tile?

 Latest company case about What is dovetail alumina tile?

Wear-resistant ceramic liners have solved the problem of anti-wear for many heavy-wear fields such as steel mills, power plants, and cement plants, protected equipment, reduced maintenance costs, and to a certain extent can save time, improve efficiency, and even improve product quality. However, many heavy-wear areas are also accompanied by high-temperature conditions. Under such conditions, the ordinary wear-resistant ceramic installation method will become very unstable and prone to porcelain falling off. The wear-resistant ceramic liner with a dovetail slot is In order to solve the problems of wear and impact in high-temperature environments, it can run stably at a high temperature of 750°C through practical tests.


  What is dovetail alumina ceramics?

Dovetail wear-resistant ceramics for card slots are actually a special shape of ceramics, which can be fixed to the equipment by mechanical force without the use of ceramic glue, stud welding, and other installation methods.

How to install dovetail wear-resistant ceramics?

When installing, first weld a dovetail guide rail on the wear area of the equipment, and then interlock the dovetail wear-resistant ceramic slot with the guide rail to form a mechanical self-locking force to complete the installation.

What are the advantages of a dovetail ceramic lining board?

1. High-temperature resistance, stable operation without falling off: the wear-resistant ceramics of the dovetail card slot are installed and fixed by mechanical force, and will not be affected by high temperature, and can run smoothly even at high temperatures of seven to eight hundred degrees.

2. Wear resistance: The wear-resistant ceramics of the dovetail card slot only change the shape of the ceramics, and the high hardness and wear-resistant properties of the ceramics themselves have not changed, and the wear-resistant effect is excellent.

3. Impact resistance: Due to its special shape, the wear-resistant ceramics of the dovetail card slot are often thicker, so they have strong impact resistance.

What fields are wear-resistant ceramic liners for dovetail slots suitable for?

The production process of dovetail ceramics is relatively complicated and the cost is high, so it is rarely used in ordinary occasions, and most of them are used in high-temperature conditions, such as thermal power plants and steel plants.