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Latest Company Case About What is wear resistant ceramic pipe?
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What is wear resistant ceramic pipe?

 Latest company case about What is wear resistant ceramic pipe?

Wear-resistant ceramic pipes mainly play a role in the connection between equipment and equipment, transport materials from one equipment to another, and transport gas, liquid or fluid with solid particles.


The difference between wear-resistant ceramic pipes and ordinary pipes is that the ceramic wear-resistant pipes will be lined with corundum ceramics through techniques such as pasting, welding or isostatic pressing inside the ordinary pipes, as the anti-wear layer of the pipes, and protect the outer steel pipes from materials. The direct wear and corrosion of the pipeline greatly extend the service life of the pipeline.

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The ceramic lining of the wear-resistant ceramic pipeline can choose alumina ceramics or silicon carbide wear-resistant ceramics. Compared with alumina wear-resistant ceramics, silicon carbide wear-resistant ceramics have better wear resistance, higher hardness and longer service life. Long, and silicon carbide wear-resistant ceramic is a kind of high temperature resistant ceramics, which can run effectively in high temperature environment for a long time, and is suitable for use in high temperature environment.


At present, alumina ceramics are widely used as the lining material for wear-resistant ceramic pipes. From the actual use effect, the wear-resistant ceramics of the same specification have an isostatic pressure integral ceramic pipe and a welded wear-resistant ceramic pipe in order of their service life. Ceramic pipes and paste-type wear-resistant ceramic pipes, although paste-type wear-resistant ceramic pipes have the third highest service life, are still more than ten times that of ordinary steel pipes, and the process is simple and the cost is low. Therefore, the paste-type wear-resistant ceramic pipes are still At present, the most widely used and most cost-effective wear-resistant pipeline.