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Latest Company Case About What kinds of materials are there for wear-resistant pipes?
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What kinds of materials are there for wear-resistant pipes?

 Latest company case about What kinds of materials are there for wear-resistant pipes?

The pipeline is a standard delivery system equipment used to transport various raw materials and substances, which is equivalent to blood vessels in industrial production. However, due to the flow and friction of materials and the importance of the pipe, the pipe wall may be damaged, so there is a need for a long-lasting wear-resistant pipe. Different types of wear-resistant pipes have different materials and different applications. Abrasion-resistant piping materials fall into the following categories:

1. The main material components of metal wear-resistant pipes are generally wear-resistant steel, alloy materials, surfacing materials, etc., which can be used in various complicated industrial and mining industries such as continuous high-temperature coal ash pipes, tailings pond backfill soil mines, and coal preparation plant pipes. enterprise. Its stability is good, but its main disadvantages are relatively high cost and net weight.

Wear-resistant pipeline

2. The main component material of wear-resistant ceramic pipes is silicon carbide or aluminum oxide, which can be used in high-quality transportation systems such as lithium batteries and silicon slag. It can also be used in working conditions with greater impact and wear. Wear-resistant ceramic pipes have good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature, and low-temperature resistance, are lightweight, and are currently widely used wear-resistant pipes.

3. High-molecular polyethylene wear-resistant pipes are mainly used for cement mortar transportation. It has the advantages of low cost, smooth inner wall, and good corrosion resistance, but it is not heat-resistant and cannot transport coarse particles or dry materials.

Different wear-resistant pipes can be used in different working conditions and have different effects. You can choose suitable wear-resistant products according to different working conditions.