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Latest Company Case About What types of wear-resistant pipes are there?
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What types of wear-resistant pipes are there?

 Latest company case about What types of wear-resistant pipes are there?

A wear-resistant pipeline is a composite pipeline with energy saving, emission reduction, wear resistance, and anti-corrosion, which is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical, building materials, machinery, and other industries. It can meet the production needs of different enterprises. There are many kinds of wear-resistant pipes in production, and we will introduce them in detail below.


According to the material and forming method of wear-resistant pipes, they are divided into wear-resistant ceramic patch pipes, screw-welded wear-resistant ceramic pipes, integrally formed wear-resistant ceramic pipes, self-propagating composite ceramic pipes, stainless steel wear-resistant pipes, and alloy steel wear-resistant pipes. , Bimetal wear-resistant pipes, high-temperature wear-resistant tortoise shell mesh pipes, high-strength rare earth wear-resistant alloy steel cast pipes, rubber-lined composite steel pipes, wear-resistant backpack composite pipes, etc.

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According to other requirements such as industry, conveying medium, working conditions, temperature, pressure, etc. used for wear-resistant pipes, they can be subdivided into the following four categories:

Polymer material pipeline: based on polymer compounds (including rubber, plastics, fibers, coatings);

Inorganic non-metallic material pipes: non-metallic materials (including glass, ceramics, cast stone, marble)

Metal material pipeline: made of metal material;

Composite pipes: Made of composite materials, in which one material serves as the base and the other is reinforcement and plays an auxiliary role.


The types of wear-resistant ceramic tubes produced by Yibenuo New Materials are as follows:

Centrifugal casting composite ceramic pipes: It is a composite tube of spontaneous combustion high-temperature synthesis and high-speed centrifugation technology. Under the condition of high temperature and high speed, uniform, dense, and smooth ceramic layers and transition layers are formed. At present, it has a good effect in serious wear industries such as straight pipe, elbow, tee, and so on.


All-ceramic lined composite pipes:

Due to the high strength, good toughness, good impact resistance, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance of corundum alumina ceramics, it overcomes the characteristics of low ceramic hardness, poor wear resistance, and poor ceramic toughness. Therefore, the composite pipe has good comprehensive properties such as wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical shock and thermal shock resistance, and weldability. It is an ideal wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipeline for conveying granular materials, grinding, corrosive media, etc.


Adhesive wear-resistant ceramic pipe: It uses adhesive to paste alumina ceramic parts on the inner wall of the pipeline. The production process of this product is simple, the production cycle is long, and the use environment shall not exceed 150 degrees.


Stud welded wear-resistant pipes: The ceramic sheet is pasted on the inner wall of the pipe with high-strength and strong adhesive adhesive, and the ceramic is firmly welded to the inner wall of the steel pipe through small holes. To protect the welding point, the ceramic cap is opened. The production process of this product is more complicated. , the production cycle is long and the cost is high.


One-piece wear-resistant pipes: It is to burn the pipe into a whole and pour it into the steel pipe with a special filler. The inner wall of the pipe fitting is smooth and sealed and has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. However, this product has a long production cycle and high cost.