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Latest Company Case About Why choose wear-resistant ceramic pipes?
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Why choose wear-resistant ceramic pipes?

 Latest company case about Why choose wear-resistant ceramic pipes?

Compared with other wear-resistant materials, wear-resistant ceramic pipes have better wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and the overall weight of wear-resistant ceramic pipes of the same thickness is much lower than that of wear-resistant steel pipes. The joints are welded and welded. Connection methods such as blue or flexible quick joints are convenient for transportation, saving manpower and material resources, and installation is easier and faster. In addition to the standard carbon steel pipe, the outer pipe material of the wear-resistant ceramic pipe can also be made of 316 or 304 stainless steel and other alloy or plastic materials, which can meet the application of different working conditions and make the use more flexible and changeable.

In addition to the above advantages, wear-resistant ceramic pipes also have the following characteristics:

1.The running resistance is low, and the wear-resistant ceramic lining is uniform, tight and smooth, which can significantly reduce the pressure loss and prevent the power eddy current.

2.Impact-resistant and wear-resistant ceramics have strong impact resistance, and the spherical ceramic plate is specially designed to weaken this impact, and can withstand the strong impact of large particles.

3.High temperature resistance and aging resistance, choose suitable coated ceramics, which can be used for a long time at 700 degrees Celsius, and the ceramics will not fall off;

4.The service life is more than 10 years. Under the same thickness and the same working conditions, the wear resistance of the wear-resistant ceramic tube is more than 20 times that of the ordinary tube.