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Company News About Application Of Alumina Ceramics in Concrete Industry
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Application Of Alumina Ceramics in Concrete Industry

Latest company news about Application Of Alumina Ceramics in Concrete Industry

In modern construction, concrete pump trucks are widely used. The pump truck manufacturers on the market generally use high manganese steel cast pump pipe elbows. This material generally has a short service life, due to the high-speed and high-pressure flow of concrete in the pump truck pipeline Huge friction is generated, and the outer arc of the inner wall of the pump tube is severely worn, making the elbow unusable.


Based on the above working conditions, our company has developed a ceramic lining for concrete pipes. Its characteristic is that alumina ceramics are pasted on the inner wall. The hardness of alumina ceramics can reach HRA88, second only to diamond. This technology appears The phenomenon that the pipeline is easy to wear is completely solved, and the service life is prolonged. The service life of the alumina ceramic pipe is 5-6 times that of the high manganese steel pipe, which saves costs for the enterprise.


According to the principle of concrete wear, a 207-degree arc-shaped structural ceramic is specially designed to line the outer arc, and the inner arc adopts two combinations of ceramic sheets. For the flange mouth, we design the upper and lower interlocking ceramics to ensure that the flange mouth is in the material During the scouring process, it will not be worn and the ceramic will not fall off, and can withstand 50KG pressure.


The ceramic installation is smooth to ensure that when the material passes through the pipeline, it has low resistance, low noise, no blockage, no material accumulation, and the pipeline is easy to clean.

Our company is a manufacturer and a global concrete pipe supplier, providing you with high-quality products and competitive concrete pipe prices. We look forward to cooperating with you!


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