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Company News About Application Range Of Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipes
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Application Range Of Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipes

Latest company news about Application Range Of Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipes

1. Power plant boiler pulverizing system pipes, including pulverized powder conveying pipes, coarse and fine powder separator pipes, coal drop pipes, primary air pipes, secondary air pipes, tertiary pipes and burner pipes of the combustion system, as well as the ash removal and slag discharge system Slag discharge pipeline, powder return pipeline, dry ash transportation pipeline;

2. Iron and steel plant raw material conveying pipes, receiving pipes, dust removal pipes, ash discharge pipes, ash falling pipes, batching mixing pipes, mill outlet pipes, coal-fired pipes, pulverized coal pipes, separator pipes, burner square pipes, etc. tube;

3. Cement plant separator outlet pipe, separator inlet pipe, dust collection pipe, vertical mill air outlet pipe, circulating air pipe, coal mill high temperature fan air pipe, discharge pipe and other worn bends;

4. Various pipe fittings for processing and conveying materials in petroleum, chemical, mining, coal, coal washing plants, smelting, papermaking, aluminum industry, building materials, powder engineering, grain machinery, etc.