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Company News About Are Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipes Expensive?
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Are Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipes Expensive?

Latest company news about Are Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipes Expensive?

Wear resistant ceramics are more expensive than other wear-resistant materials in people's impression. Now we will elaborate on this issue.


The price of wear-resistant ceramic pipes needs to be different according to the specifications and models of the wear-resistant ceramic pipes and the selected alumina wear-resistant materials.


1. Commonly used paste type (patch type) ceramic pipes, φ219 pipes are lined with alumina corundum ceramics, the price of 1 meter in length is about RMB 1,000, and the service life can reach 3 when the working environment is not bad. Over years, it is a wear-resistant pipe with very high cost performance.


2. The smaller the diameter of the wear-resistant ceramic pipe, the more complicated the process of lining wear-resistant ceramics, and the higher the labor and machine costs; the smaller diameter pipes are recommended to use wear-resistant ceramic rings instead of wear-resistant ceramic sheets as wear-resistant Lining material.


3. The price of overall wear-resistant ceramic pipes> the price of welded wear-resistant ceramic pipes> the price of patch wear-resistant ceramic pipes.


4. In terms of the selected wear-resistant materials, the price of zirconia wear-resistant ceramic sheets> the price of alumina wear-resistant ceramics. The higher the purity of the alumina wear-resistant ceramics, the more expensive the price.


5. Generally speaking, the price is related to many factors of wear-resistant ceramic pipes. It is necessary to match suitable pipes and wear-resistant materials according to the on-site use conditions of the pipes to achieve the best cost performance!