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Company News About Basic Information Of Pump Tubing
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Basic Information Of Pump Tubing

Latest company news about Basic Information Of Pump Tubing

The abbreviation of concrete pump pipe in English (Concrete pumppipe), because concrete is abbreviated as concrete (tóng), it is often called concrete pump pipe. It is easy to understand that the pump tube is a new type of construction engineering accessory product that appeared at the same time with the appearance of the concrete delivery pump. Its appearance has greatly improved the efficiency of building construction. The operation method of the bucket is changed to quickly transport the concrete to the place where it needs to be poured, which improves the construction efficiency by nearly a hundred times.

There are generally three types of pump tubes: 125, 150, and 80, each of which has high pressure and low pressure. The low pressure type weld flange of the 125 type pump pipe is Φ133mm, and the high pressure pipe weld flange is Φ140mm; the low pressure type of the 150 type pump pipe is a pipe with an outer diameter of Φ159, and the high pressure is a pipe with an outer diameter of Φ168. The head of the pump pipe is a specially processed pipe joint, which is connected to the pipe body by welding, and the connection of each pipe is connected by a pipe clamp processed by a precision casting process.

Pump pipes are divided into truck pump pipes and ground pump pipes according to the scope of use. The truck pump pipes include boom pipes, hinge elbows, reducer pipes and elbows, which are made of cast steel. The straight pipe material is 45mn2. The ground pump pipe is made of ordinary 20# carbon steel, which is made of fluid pipe or straight seam pipe.