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Company News About Do You Know Bulletproof Ceramics?
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Do You Know Bulletproof Ceramics?

Latest company news about Do You Know Bulletproof Ceramics?

Bulletproof ceramics have become a new star in the bulletproof industry. Its high strength, hardness, and lower density than metal make it a popular bulletproof material. Ceramic bulletproof sheets are also called ceramic bulletproof plates or ceramic bulletproof inserts. The main types are silicon carbide ceramics, boron nitride ceramics, and alumina ceramics. Today we will learn about alumina bulletproof ceramics.

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Alumina ceramic bulletproof sheets are inserted in high-strength and high-modulus fiber composite panels. Its high specific stiffness, high specific strength, and chemical inertness in many environments make it almost impossible to plastic deformation. When the ceramic layer collides, the ceramic layer shatters or cracks and diffuses around the impact point to consume most of the energy of the projectile. Then the high-modulus fiber composite plate further consumes the remaining energy of the projectile, and the warhead will be due to its high strength. And hardness characteristics and passivation or even broken, to achieve the purpose of bulletproof.


From the perspective of material, principle, and target test, the application of alumina ceramic bulletproof sheet in armor system is very attractive, and it has become a protective armor widely used in body armor, vehicles, aircraft, and other equipment.