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Company News About Do You Know The Origin Of The Mid-Autumn Festival?
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Do You Know The Origin Of The Mid-Autumn Festival?

Latest company news about Do You Know The Origin Of The Mid-Autumn Festival?

Tuesday, September 21, 2021, August 15 of the lunar calendar, is my country's traditional festival-Mid-Autumn Festival. It is the second largest traditional festival after the Spring Festival. It is also regarded as the reunion festival for us Chinese. Every day, many wanderers who are far from home rush back home to gather with their parents and relatives and friends to enjoy their drinks. Mid-Autumn Festival moon is the roundest, brightest, and most beautiful; Mid-Autumn Festival moon is like water like a mirror, poetic and picturesque, full of deep family affection.


Now, I want to ask everyone: Do you know the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival?

The fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival in my country. This is the mid-autumn period of the year, so it is called the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is also the second largest traditional festival in my country after the Spring Festival. The term "Mid-Autumn Festival" first appeared in the Zhou Dynasty, and the popularity of the Mid-Autumn Festival began in the Song Dynasty. Why is it called "Mid-Autumn Festival"? Because the 15th day of the eighth lunar month falls in the middle of the third autumn, it is called "Mid-Autumn Festival". There are many names for the Mid-Autumn Festival: "August Festival", "August and a half", "Moon Festival", "Moon Eve" and so on.


The Mid-Autumn Festival was originally a harvest festival. In the past, in the harvest season, people always had to celebrate something big, celebrate a good harvest of the year, and enjoy the joy of a good harvest. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are few clouds and fog, and the moon is bright. In addition to a series of activities such as admiring the moon, worshiping the moon, eating moon cakes, and blessing reunion, some places also have activities such as dancing grass dragons and building pagodas. There are many beautiful legends about the Mid-Autumn Festival, such as Chang'e flying to the moon, Wu Gang turning osmanthus, jade rabbit pounding medicine and so on. These all entrust people's infinite love for life and yearning for a better future. People recite a lot of poems and songs on the Mid-Autumn Festival, the most famous of course is Su Shi's "I hope people will live forever, and we will live together for thousands of miles."


Colleagues, how do you feel in this beautiful day? I believe that many people's answer is: homesick, miss their parents.


Yes, every holiday season, I miss my family. Of course, the Mid-Autumn Festival will be deeper, especially when the moon is high. Throughout the ages, many literati and scholars have missed their relatives, their hometown, and the motherland in these beautiful days, hoping to reunite with their relatives and share joy.


I sincerely say in advance to all the staff who are selfless, to all the hard-working colleagues, and to your family and friends: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival