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Company News About Dovetail slot ceramic liner
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Dovetail slot ceramic liner

Latest company news about Dovetail slot ceramic liner

At this time, there is heavy snow with goose feathers floating outside the window. The winter of 2022 feels longer than in previous years, and there is a feeling of biting cold, but my heart is warm at this time. I just signed the first export order after the Spring Festival in 2022,I remember the first cooperation last year, because I don't believe it. It takes more time than domestic orders. From the initial inquiry, signing contracts It took two months for the bank to collect foreign exchange, arrange production, customs and book ships. Although there were some twists and turns in the middle, fortunately, everything was very smooth in the end!

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The customer received the goods last year and was very satisfied with the company's products, and also gave a high evaluation. The customer ordered the dovetail wear-resistant ceramic this time. on the device. When using, weld the dovetail guide rail to the parts that need anti-wear, and control the spacing to ensure the gap between the ceramics. Then snap a special ceramic with a dovetail notch to the guide rail, and connect the ceramics in series along the guide rail to complete the installation. The dovetail slotted ceramic liner has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, non-shedding and long service life, and various thicknesses of ceramics can be selected according to the wear conditions, and various special-shaped structure equipment can be customized to form an impact-resistant wear-resistant layer. Widely used in thermal power, mining, cement, smelting and other industries to prevent wear of equipment. We will provide customers with high-quality products and competitive prices and hope that the company will receive more foreign trade orders in 2022.


Because of the repeated global epidemic, the international market has also been affected. China has become a very few countries with economic recovery and growth because of excellent epidemic prevention measures. China will also become a global manufacturing power. I believe the international market will be better and better in the future!