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Company News About How Did Alumina Ceramics Become The Darling Of Heavy Industry?
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How Did Alumina Ceramics Become The Darling Of Heavy Industry?

Latest company news about How Did Alumina Ceramics Become The Darling Of Heavy Industry?

Application in cement plant

(1) Various hoppers and chutes: the ore crushing system, raw material grinding system, cement grinding system, various chutes, and hoppers have a large daily output workload, high material hardness, and serious equipment and wear problems. Previously, due to the lack of any anti-wear measures, 10mm steel plates were often worn through within a week; 30mm manganese steel liners were worn through within a few months. Frequent wear and tear of equipment not only increases the maintenance burden but also seriously affects the normal operation of the equipment.

(2) V-type powder separator breaker plate: It is very effective to use toughened alumina wear-resistant ceramic instead of wear-resistant steel plate for wear resistance. Alumina wear-resistant ceramics can also be wear-resistant ceramic liners with bolts on the back, which not only greatly improves the wear resistance, but also is very convenient to replace.

(3) Fan impeller: In the new dry production line, the powder conveying is mainly driven by the fan. The high-speed rotation of the fan causes the relative movement of the dust-laden two-phase airflow and the blades, causing serious wear to the impeller. After using alumina wear-resistant ceramics, the wear resistance is improved and the service life is increased.


Application in power plants

The wear of the pulverizing system of thermal power plants is mainly the collision and impact wear of the pulverized coal. Similar to the air duct elbow of the powder separation system of a cement plant, the high-speed pulverized coal airflow at the outlet of the coal mill, the inlet and outlet of the coarse powder separator, and the elbow of the primary air duct are particularly severe. In the pulverizing system, the porcelain steel liner composed of alumina ceramic + steel plate is used, which is convenient to install and more wear-resistant.


As a grinding medium

Alumina grinding balls have the characteristics of high hardness, moderate density, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and low price. Metal impurities are introduced into the metal balls. They are widely used in the grinding and processing of cement, minerals, ceramics, electronic materials, magnetic materials and raw materials in coatings. In the coating industry, it is a high-quality grinding medium. In the architectural ceramics industry, the 20% to 40% efficiency of alumina ball wear is higher than that of natural flint and pebbles. With the reduction of natural ball stone resources of my country's high-quality enterprises and the high wear rate of ordinary ceramic balls, alumina grinding balls will be used by more and more manufacturers.