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Company News About How To Cut Wear-resistant Ceramics
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How To Cut Wear-resistant Ceramics

Latest company news about How To Cut Wear-resistant Ceramics

Wear-resistant ceramic plate is used in all walks of life, it has the characteristics of high hardness, hard wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance. During our construction process, we will encounter equipment that requires special-shaped linings, and at this time, a large amount of alumina ceramic cutting is required. So do you know how to cut it?


We use high hardness diamond blades to cut wear-resistant ceramic liners. There are desktop and hand-held cutting machines, and protective measures must be taken when cutting.

latest company news about How To Cut Wear-resistant Ceramics  0

Then how should it be cut? Many customers may not know this very well. It is impossible to cut everything like vegetables. When the high-speed rotating blade is in contact with the wear-resistant ceramic plate in the middle position, the ceramic plate will be broken under the action of shear stress. The knife must be cut from the end, so that the stress can be reduced to a small extent and will not affect the cutting of the wear-resistant ceramic plate. At the same time, pay attention to the cooling of the cutting plate. When cutting this hard material, the temperature of the knife plate will rise. Very quickly, this can cause the strength of the blade to decrease, so take care to cool the cutting blade with water.