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Company News About Introduction Of Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipes
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Introduction Of Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipes

Latest company news about Introduction Of Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipes

Equipment wear and tear is a thorny problem that has plagued industrial enterprises for a long time, and directly affects the economic benefits of the enterprise and the on-site working environment. Traditional anti-wear technology mostly uses materials such as wear-resistant steel.

With the development of new materials and transportation technology, it is gradually replaced by the latest wear-resistant materials such as special ceramics. The wear-resistant ceramic tube is a composite tube that uses the thermite-centrifugal method to combine ceramic and metal organic to form a composite tube. The thermite-centrifugal method prepares the ceramic-lined steel pipe using the high temperature generated by the reaction itself to melt the reaction products and separate them under the action of centrifugal force to form a steel pipe lined with alumina ceramics, with low energy consumption and fewer processes. The ceramic steel pipe combines the advantages of high alumina hardness, good chemical inertness and steel, and has excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, thermal shock resistance and mechanical shock resistance, and its service life is more than 15 times longer than ordinary steel pipes. The pipe is generally white.