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Company News About Types Of Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipes
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Types Of Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipes

Latest company news about Types Of Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipes

Centrifugal casting

The centrifugal casting composite ceramic pipe is a composite pipe manufactured by "self-spreading high-temperature synthesis-high-speed centrifugal technology", which forms a uniform, dense and smooth ceramic layer and transition layer at high temperature and high speed. Because the production process is simple and the cost is low, it is suitable for long-distance transportation of powder, but its wear resistance is slightly worse than wear-resistant ceramic pipes. It is generally used as a straight pipe.

Wear-resistant patch

SMD wear-resistant ceramic pipes are made by sticking alumina ceramic sheets on the inner wall of the pipe with high temperature resistant strong adhesive, and form a firm anti-wear layer after being heated and solidified. The production process of this kind of product is relatively simple, the production cycle is short, and the cost is relatively low.

Technical specifications

Jingcheng has various types of SMD wear-resistant ceramic pipes, which can also be customized according to customer needs. SMD wear-resistant ceramic pipes are basically not limited by pipe size, and can be produced from 1 inch to 120 inches in diameter and even larger.