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Company News About What Is Silicon Carbide Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipe?
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What Is Silicon Carbide Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipe?

Latest company news about What Is Silicon Carbide Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipe?

Silicon carbide wear-resistant ceramic pipe is a kind of ceramic-lined steel pipe. The lining is made of high-temperature-resistant silicon carbide ceramics with stable organic chemical properties, high heat transfer coefficient, small linear expansion coefficient, good wear resistance, fire resistance, and heat preservation. , high-temperature impact resistance, small size, lightweight, high compressive strength, good environmental protection, and energy-saving effects, etc.

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Silicon carbide ceramic composite pipe makes full use of the characteristics of seamless steel pipe, such as high hardness, good flexibility, impact resistance, good electric welding performance, high strength of corundum porcelain, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and good temperature resistance. It gets rid of the seamless steel pipe The characteristics of low strength, poor wear resistance, and poor flexibility of porcelain. Therefore, silicon carbide wear-resistant ceramic pipes have good comprehensive properties such as wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical impact resistance, high-temperature impact resistance, and good welding performance.


Silicon carbide ceramic pipe is a good wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipeline, such as transporting particulate raw materials and cutting and eroding substances. The wear-resistant elbow produced by the pipeline is produced by centrifugal separation produced by self-spreading high temperature. The melting point of corundum in ceramic steel pipe is 2045°C. Due to the processing technology, the corundum layer and the steel layer have unique structural characteristics and unique stress fields.


At room temperature, the porcelain layer is subjected to internal stress, and the steel layer is subjected to tensile stress. The two, in turn, become a stable whole. Only when the temperature rises above 400°C, because the expansion coefficients of the two are different, the new stress field caused by thermal deformation and the original stress field in the ceramic steel pipe offset each other, so that the two are in balance. When the temperature rises to 900°C, the silicon carbide wear-resistant elbow is put into cold water and soaked repeatedly, and the composite layer has no gaps or collapses, which mainly shows the high-temperature impact resistance that ordinary ceramics do not have.


Silicon carbide wear-resistant ceramic pipes are mainly used in logistics transportation systems in high-temperature environments. They have strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance. They are cost-effective pipes in high-temperature transportation systems.