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Company News About What Should I Do If The Pipe Is Worn?
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What Should I Do If The Pipe Is Worn?

Latest company news about What Should I Do If The Pipe Is Worn?

The wear-resistant pipe is used for the serious part of the engineering wear, and the internal addition of a composite pipe of the wear-resistant layer is added to energy conservation and emission reduction, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion.


Depending on the abrasion conditions, there are also different material selection on the wear-resistant pipeline liner. Continuous wear-resistant ceramic pipe (liner differential aluminum, silicon carbide, boron nitride, etc.), abrasion-resistant alloy tube, turtle-resistant mill, wear-resistant cast stone tube, self-propagating composite pipe, etc.


Wear-resistant ceramic composite pipes with conventional steel pipes, wear-resistant alloy cast steel tubes, cast stone tubes, and self-propelled tubes. The outer layer of the wear-resistant pipe is a seamless steel pipe, and the inner layer is corundum ceramics. The hardness of the corundum is up to HV1100-1400, and wear resistance is 20 times higher than the carbon steel tube. Wear-resistant pipeline anti-wear is mainly against the inner lining alumina ceramics.


Wear-resistant ceramic composite pipelines quickly occupy the market, in addition to high quality, good performance, but also its performance ratio is higher than other wear-resistant pipes. In terms of the wear-resistant pipelines of the same specifications and unit lengths, the wear-resistant ceramic composite pipe weight is only about one or more of the wear-resistant alloy casting steel pipe, and its project cost reduces 20% -30%.


The wear-resistant ceramic composite tube is a corundum ceramic (A-Al2O3), Moh's hardness can reach 9.0 equivalent to HRC90 or more, the wear-resistant life is ten times more than ten times, the inner surface is smooth, which is small. The weight of the pipe is light, the welding performance is good, which can be welded, flange fast linkages, etc., the construction is convenient, and the installation fee can be reduced.

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