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Vulcanized Roller Ceramic Pulley Lagging Sheet Size 20mm OEM

Product Details

Place of Origin: Changsha, Hunan, China

Brand Name: Ibeno

Certification: ISO9001-2015

Model Number: Ceramic Lagging Sheet

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: Packed in wooden cases or iron racks

Delivery Time: 25-45 workdas

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 100,000 ㎡/ year

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Roller Ceramic Pulley Lagging Sheet


20mm Ceramic Pulley Lagging Sheet


20mm Ceramic Lagging Sheet

Vulcanized Roller Ceramic Pulley Lagging Sheet Size 20mm OEM

Ceramic Lagging


Product introduction

Ceramic lagging is a method of drum lagging, which is suitable for conveying wet and sticky materials under harsh conditions with large water content.


Vulcanized Roller Ceramic Pulley Lagging Sheet Size 20mm OEM 0

The surface of the ceramic lagging is vulcanized into the rubber sheet by independent square ceramics. Each ceramic piece has convex features. Under the general conveyor belt pressure, the convex points can generate positive traction, prevent slippage, and extend the conveyor belt roller. service life. At the same time, the elasticity of the bottom rubber can play a good impact on resistance.


Each ceramic lagging has grooves at a certain distance, which can make foreign objects (dust, mud) on the drum discharged along the tracks so that the drum has a unique self-cleaning function, especially suitable for wet working environments.

ceramic pulley laggingCeramic Laggingrubber lagging

Product advantages

1. The high wear resistance of surface ceramics is used on the belt conveyor drive drum. The special structure of ceramics and special arrangement, as well as the special rubber structure, increase the friction coefficient between the belt and the belt and prevent the belt from slipping.

2. Under the same load, the tension of the belt can be reduced and the life of the belt can be prolonged.

3. The wear resistance of ceramics makes the service life of the driving drum more than ten times that of the original drum.

4. It is suitable for extremely harsh conditions such as high wear, easy slippage, and wet materials or surrounding environments.


Important Notes Before Installation

1. Before installation, you must be familiar with the safety operation regulations of the relevant equipment used in the work and the safety production regulations on the construction site.

2. Cut off the start-up power of the conveyor, and hang up the warning sign "Someone is operating, it is forbidden to close".

3. If the equipment is underground or in a closed area, the gas and dust content must be tested before using an angle grinder, cutting torch, or electric welding. Make sure that the gas and dust content is within the safe value range before operating. Otherwise, an accident may occur.

4. Before using the angle grinder, cutting gun, or electric welding machine, the conveyor belt should be covered with a flame retardant cover, otherwise the belt may be damaged.

5. After the installation is completed, before starting the conveyor belt, clean up the tools, irons, welding slag, etc. in the installation area and on the conveyor belt. Failure to do so may result in serious personal injury or damage to the conveyor belt.


Product process

During the long-term operation of the belt conveyor, problems such as normal or unexpected wear and aging will occur, leading to failures and directly affecting production's normal operation. All industrial and mining enterprises actively seek fast, efficient, and reliable equipment repair and maintenance technology.


Roller lagging is used to increase the friction coefficient between the conveyor belt and the surface of the drum during transmission, so as to reduce the mutual wear between the conveyor belt and the surface of the drum, improve the traction force of operation, and prolong the service life of the conveyor belt and the drum. The lagging of the drum can effectively improve the operation of the conveying system, prevent the conveyor belt from slipping, and make the drum and the belt run synchronously, thus ensuring the efficient and large-capacity operation of the belt. The roller lagging can also effectively prevent the sliding friction between the roller and the belt, and reduce the material adhesion on the surface of the roller, thereby reducing the deviation and wear of the belt.


Roller ceramic lagging uses an advanced thermal vulcanization process to vulcanize wear-resistant ceramic blocks with particles on the surface into special rubber according to a certain layout. Traditional rubber plays a role in enhancing the friction coefficient between the belt and the drum and improving the service life of the drum. At the same time, the regularly distributed grooves between the ceramics are convenient for drainage and mud removal, ensuring normal operation in harsh environments, and can also increase the friction coefficient on the surface of the roller to reduce the chance of the conveyor belt slipping. The life of ceramic lagging is 3~5 times longer than that of ordinary lagging, reducing maintenance troubles


Technical parameter

Technical parameters of the ceramic sheet Technical parameters of compound adhesive:

Ceramic sheet: containing 95% aluminum oxide

The specific gravity of ceramics:3.7

Ceramic hardness: Mohs ≥ 9 degrees

Tensile strength: 20Mpa

Comprehensive strength: 200Mpa

Flexural modulus: 32Mpa

Water absorption: 0%

Ceramic sheet size: 20×20×8mm

Compound: SBR/Butadiene Rubber/Isoprene Rubber

Elongation at break: 600%Min

Tensile strength: 19Mpa

Wear resistance coefficient: 150mm³ at10N

Shock and wear: 0.05g

Cold resistance: -40


Product model

Item Description Dimensions(mm)
1 Rubber ceramic 1250*500*20/16/15
2 Rubber ceramic 1400*500*20/16/15
3 Rubber ceramic 1500*500*20/16/15
4 Rubber ceramic 1600*500*20/16/15
5 Rubber ceramic 1850*500*20/16/15
6 Rubber ceramic 1900*500*20/16/15
7 Rubber ceramic 2050*500*20/16/15
8 Rubber ceramic 2100*500*20/16/15
9 Rubber ceramic 2250*500*20/16/15
10 Rubber ceramic 2500*500*20/16/15
Remarks: It can be customized according to needs