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ISO Rubber Ceramic Liners Impact Resistant Ceramic Wear Liner

Product Details

Place of Origin: Changsha, Hunan, China

Brand Name: Ibeno

Certification: ISO9001-2015

Model Number: Rubber Ceramic Liners

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: Packed in wooden cases or iron racks

Delivery Time: 25-45 workdas

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 100,000 ㎡/ year

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ISO Rubber Ceramic Liners


Impact Resistant Ceramic Wear Liner


Rubber Ceramic Liners Impact Resistant

ISO Rubber Ceramic Liners Impact Resistant Ceramic Wear Liner

Product Description

ceramic wear liner is a special corundum ceramic sintered at a high temperature of 1700°C with alumina as the main material, supplemented by other ingredients, and then combined with high-strength adhesive.

ceramic wear liner is designed for wear-resistant and impact-resistant conditions. Small square ceramic sheets are embedded in special rubber to form a square ceramic lining, and then high-strength organic adhesive is used to bond the lining to the equipment. On the inner shell steel plate, a firm and buffering anti-wear layer is formed, which has comprehensive excellent performances such as wear resistance, impact resistance, and high-temperature resistance.

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Ceramic wear liner product series

Paste type: Paste type: The paste-type ceramic wear liner is super cost-effective and suitable for the anti-wear lining of pneumatic conveying equipment below 350 degrees.

Product structure: The paste type is to use high-temperature resistant inorganic adhesive to paste the wear-resistant ceramic sheet on the steel plate of the inner wall of the equipment. After heating and curing, it will not fall off.

Scope of application: It is suitable for anti-wear of powder conveying or milling system equipment, and also suitable for anti-wear of slurry pipelines. Such as pulverized coal pipelines, separators, separators, cyclones, etc.

Product features: Super wear resistance: Rockwell hardness is HRA80-90, used for powder conveying, wear resistance is 20 times that of ordinary carbon steel

Rubber/Ceramic series: ceramic wear liner is used for anti-wear of material conveying equipment, which can withstand certain material impact.

Product structure: The adhesive type is designed for equipment requiring wear resistance and impact resistance. Small square ceramic sheets are embedded in special rubber to form square ceramic linings, and then high-strength organic adhesives are used to bond the linings On the inner shell steel plate of the equipment, a strong and cushioning anti-wear layer is formed.

Scope of application: It is suitable for conveying chute and hopper for bulk material. Such as coal drop pipe, coal drop half, vibrating screen, etc.

Product features: It has excellent comprehensive performance such as wear resistance, impact resistance, and high temperature resistance.


Welded series: specially designed for wear-resistant lining of high temperature (300℃-500℃) pneumatic conveying equipment

Product structure: Welded products are welded on the inner wall of the equipment through advanced stud welding technology to form a solid anti-wear layer.

Scope of application: It is suitable for high-temperature powder conveying or anti-wear pulverizing system equipment, such as waste heat power generation air ducts in cement plants, hot air ducts in steel mills, etc.

Product features: Each piece of ceramic has high-strength and high-wear-resistant bolts to weld the ceramic lining plate to the bottom steel plate to ensure that it does not fall off under harsh working conditions.


Dovetail series: suitable for high temperature or dynamic running equipment anti-wear (below 500 ℃)

Product structure: The ceramics are installed on the equipment with dovetail strips, the ceramic dovetails are completely wrapped, the steel dovetail strips will not be eroded by the material, and each completely independent dovetail structure can ensure the operation of the equipment to the greatest extent.

Scope of application: It is suitable for anti-wear equipment running at high temperatures or dynamically. Such as fan impeller, burner, etc.

Product features: The dovetail structure is the most solid fixing method for wear-resistant ceramics at present. The use of heat-resistant dovetail strips can give full play to the unique advantages of the dovetail structure, meet the requirements of ultra-high temperature conditions, and have good impact resistance.


Impact-resistant series: suitable for wear-resistant lining of bulk material conveying system (below 500 ℃)

Product structure: The ceramic is a unique toughening formula. At the same time, the ceramic is set into a spherical shape to effectively decompose the impact of the material. With the advanced stud welding process, it can ensure that the ceramic does not break or fall off under the impact of large materials.

Scope of application: Suitable for anti-wear of chute, hopper, and other equipment in thermal power, steel, cement, coal, port, mining, chemical, and other industries.

Product features: super wear-resistant, good toughness, super impact resistance, stud welding, ceramics are not easy to fall off.


Alumina ceramic technical parameters

Items Specifications
Content of alumina ≥92% ≥95%
Density ≥3.6 g/cm3 >3.8g/cm3
Rockwell A hardness ≥82HRA ≥85HRA
Impact strength ≥1200 MPA ≥1500 MPA
Fracture toughness ≥3.8MPa·m1/2 ≥4.0MPa·m1/2
Vickers hardness ≥1150HV10 ≥1200HV10
Bending Strength ≥290MPa ≥330MPa


Rubber technical parameters

Items Specifications
Pull apart strength ≥12MPa
Pull apart prolongation 250
Shore hardness 55 65
Permanent deform ≤24
The shared stress between the ceramic and rubber ≥3.0MPa
Temperature resistance ≤100℃
The aging life of rubber ≥15 years

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