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ISO Alumina Ceramics High Chromium Cast Iron Ceramic Wear Resistant Tile

Product Details

Place of Origin: Changsha, Hunan, China

Brand Name: Ibeno

Certification: ISO9001-2015

Model Number: Alumina Ceramics

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: Packed in wooden cases or iron racks

Delivery Time: 25-45 workdas

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 100,000 ㎡/ year

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ISO Alumina Ceramics


Cast Iron Ceramic Wear Resistant Tile


ISO Ceramic Wear Resistant Tile

ISO Alumina Ceramics High Chromium Cast Iron Ceramic Wear Resistant Tile

Product Description

Ceramic wear-resistant tiles are one of the anti-wear solutions for industrial equipment. They are easy to install and maintain. They can be pressed with chamfers and can be accurately cut into the shapes required by customers. Ceramic wear resistant tiles have super wear resistance.


Ceramic wear resistant tiles are made by firing alumina ceramics at a high temperature of 1700°C. Alumina ceramics is a ceramic material with α-Al2O3 as the main crystal phase. It is a relatively early-developed high-temperature structural ceramic material, and its Al2O3 content is generally between 75 and 99.9%. It is usually used to classify by the content of Al2O3 in the ingredients. "85 Porcelain" with 85% Al2O3 content is "92 Porcelain" with 92% Al2O3 content, "95 Porcelain" with 95% Al2O3 content, and "99 Porcelain" with 99% Al2O3 content.


Advantages of wear resistant ceramic tiles

1. The hardness of alumina ceramics is large. In the field of ceramics, the hardness of alumina is medium, and its Rockwell hardness is HRA80-90. This is also an important reason why it is selected as a wear resistant material.

2. wear resistant ceramic tiles are 12 times more wear resistant than carbon steel. They can prevent erosion and abrasion in conveying and bulk material handling systems and piping systems.

3. The weight of alumina ceramics is light, and the density of ceramic materials is generally not high. The same is true for alumina ceramics. Its density is only 3.6g/cm3, which is only 50% of iron.

4. The wear resistance of alumina ceramics is good. According to the measurement of the Institute of Powder Metallurgy of Central South University, the wear resistance of alumina ceramics is equivalent to 266 times of manganese steel and 171.5 times of high chromium cast iron. According to our many years of on-site construction experience, the service life of the equipment can be prolonged at least ten times.

5. People are always discovering other properties of alumina ceramics, researching new materials and new processes, and the same is true for ceramics. After years of development, people were not satisfied with the existing properties of alumina and developed ZTA zirconium-aluminum composite ceramics based on alumina ceramics, which is a kind of alumina, zirconia, and rare earth oxides. Composite ceramics, its unique nanostructure significantly enhances the intermolecular performance, and the addition of rare earth oxides at the same time greatly improves the strength and toughness of ceramic materials.


Enterprise introduction

Hunan Yibeinuo New Materials is located in the national Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone. It has been committed to the research and development, production and application of new ceramic materials and new anti-wear technologies. Petroleum, machinery and other industries provide a complete set of anti-wear technical services such as technical consultation, engineering design, equipment production, and equipment installation to provide guarantee for the efficient, low-consumption, and pollution-free transportation of materials.


The wear resistant ceramic series products developed by the company have the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance. The company’s main products include wear resistant ceramic composite liners (ceramic rubber steel plate three-in-one wear resistant ceramic liner, wear resistant ceramic Metal two-in-one composite liner), wear resistant ceramic composite pipes (integral molded wear resistant ceramic elbows, integral hot-bending patch type wear resistant ceramic elbows, ceramic-lined hoses and other general products), and new wear resistant ceramic coatings Floor. In addition, our company also provides complete sets of components such as wear resistant ceramic rubber-coated rollers, wear resistant ceramic fan impellers, wear resistant ceramic valves, wear resistant ceramic-lined cyclones, burner components, etc.

Technical parameters

Items Specifications
Content of alumina ≥92% ≥95%
Density ≥3.6 g/cm3 >3.8g/cm3
Rockwell A hardness ≥82HRA ≥85HRA
Impact strength ≥1200 MPA ≥1500 MPA
Fracture toughness ≥3.8MPa·m1/2 ≥4.0MPa·m1/2
Vickers hardness ≥1150HV10 ≥1200HV10
Bending Strength ≥290MPa ≥330MPa

Production process, production equipment

The company has kiln production lines, vulcanizers, isostatic presses, automatic presses, vulcanizers, spray drying towers, CNC cutting machines, lathes, punching machines, milling machines, sawing machines, radial drills, forklifts, gas shielded welding, intermediate frequency pipe benders And other production and processing equipment, formed a certain scale of production capacity.