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Industrial Alumina Ceramics Customaztion Size Ceramic Wear Tiles

Product Details

Place of Origin: Changsha, Hunan, China

Brand Name: Ibeno

Certification: ISO9001-2015

Model Number: Alumina Ceramics

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: Packed in wooden cases or iron racks

Delivery Time: 25-45 workdas

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 100,000 ㎡/ year

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Industrial Alumina Ceramics


Industrial Ceramic Wear Tiles


Customaztion Size Ceramic Wear Tiles

Industrial Alumina Ceramics Customaztion Size Ceramic Wear Tiles

Ceramic Wear Tiles


Product description

Ceramic wear tile is a kind of industrial ceramics, which has strong wear resistance. Commonly used ceramic wear tiles are mainly made of three materials, zirconia, alumina and silicon carbide.One of the most widely used in industry is alumina ceramic wear-resistant bricks.Ceramic wear tiles are less dense and half that of metal, making them one of the best choices for wear and corrosion resistance.


Equipment wear and tear is a common problem faced by industrial enterprises, and cement enterprises are no exception. Since the material transfer method mainly adopts a closed pneumatic conveying system, the wear problem has seriously affected the normal production of the cement industry and thus led to an increase in production costs and maintenance costs.The application of Ceramic wear tiles is an economical and feasible anti-wear method for equipment, which can prolong the service life of wear-resistant parts, and has great significance in improving equipment production efficiency, reducing production costs and saving resources.


The difficulty of equipment wear and repair

1. Some equipment is located at high altitude, which is inconvenient for maintenance;

2. A lot of equipment needs to wait for the equipment to cool down before maintenance, which needs to prolong the downtime;

3. It is necessary to carry out on-site anti-wear on high-altitude equipment, which is costly and difficult;

4. Frequent shutdown and maintenance due to wear and tear of equipment will seriously affect production;

5. Before the anti-wear treatment, it is necessary to repair or replace the worn-out equipment, which wastes materials and labor.

Therefore, many cement companies now use the concept of the system and combine the actual situation to plan the anti-wear of the equipment in the early stage of the new project. Practice has proved that this not only greatly reduces the equipment failure rate, but also makes operation and maintenance easier.

Ceramic liningchute wear linersDovetail slot ceramic liner


Equipment anti-wear selection

1. For medium and low temperature conveying systems: directly paste 5mm alumina ceramics, used for pneumatic (wind) powder conveying equipment below 300 ℃ lining anti-wear.

-Powder separator casing and cone

-Cyclone barrel and inlet and outlet air ducts

-Vertical mill outlet air duct

-Circulation fan housing

-Guide vane of vertical mill separator


2. High temperature impact type (20-30mm thick)

Ceramic Wear Tiles are used as wear-resistant linings installed on equipment with high working temperature, large materials and strong impact force. Spherical or flat ceramic is vulcanized on the steel plate with high temperature resistant rubber, then the screw holes of the ceramic are welded to the steel plate with through bolts, and the ceramic cover is screwed on the top of the bolt.

-Vertical mill feed chute and tertiary air lock valve plate

-Vertical mill lower cylinder

-Various high temperature chutes

-V-choice break up board

-Roller lift plate

-Into the Roller Press Chute


Technical parameters

Items Specifications
Content of alumina ≥92% ≥95%
Density ≥3.6 g/cm3 >3.8g/cm3
Rockwell A hardness ≥82HRA ≥85HRA
Impact strength ≥1200 MPA ≥1500 MPA
Fracture toughness ≥3.8MPa·m1/2 ≥4.0MPa·m1/2
Vickers hardness ≥1150HV10 ≥1200HV10
Bending Strength ≥290MPa ≥330MPa

Production process&equipment

The company has kiln production lines, vulcanizers, isostatic presses, automatic presses, vulcanizers, spray drying towers, CNC cutting machines, lathes, punching machines, milling machines, sawing machines, radial drilling machines, gas-shielded welding, intermediate frequency pipe bending machines, etc. equipment. We have formed a certain scale of production capacity.


Why Choose Us?

Our ceramic wear tiles are made from high-quality ceramic materials and have been designed to provide superior wear resistance in highly abrasive environments. We offer a wide range of sizes and shapes, making it easy for you to find the right ceramic wear tiles for your application. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and exceptional customer service. Our team is always available to answer your questions and help you find the right ceramic wear tiles for your specific needs.